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Tyre Equipment

The Technique range is the beginning of a new era specifically designed to gain back quality tyre changing and precision wheel balancing so that the workshop owner can guarantee customer satisfaction to all of our customers.

The Technique entry level machines include the minimum specifications a unit must have to enable changing and balancing on both steel and alloy rims. Low profile/run flat tyres and expensive alloy rims are now common, so it makes complete sense to know that the client’s tyres can be changed without any compromise.

For high volume tyre fitting companies Technique has the answers. A 3D balancer that is packed with features and programs that can match any tyre to the wheel, using a high definition graphical display guiding the user to apply the correct weights quickly and correctly with laser blade positioning. The two Technique tyre changers offered to this sector both include unique memory features, centre post clamping systems, multi-option bead breaking, and patented anti-scratch tyre demount tooling, and this is only scraping the surface for the array of features included on both machines.

Essentially, Technique has invested in a dedicated Wheel Care Manager with a wealth of industry knowledge, offering our customers complete piece of mind when purchasing TECHNIQUE wheel care equipment.

T2020-2D Wheel Balancer

T2030-3D Wheel Balancer

T2205 Tyre Changer

T2210-PRO Tyre Changer

T2225-M2 Tyre Changer

T2440-M3 Tyre Changer

Adaptor Kits