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Technique T2225-M2 Tyre Changer

The Technique T2225-M2 tyre changer is equipped with an innovative leverless tool (patented) that allows to work quickly and effortlessly even on new-concept and ultra-low profile tires, RUN-FLAT.

Complete with a double roller bead breaker pushing system, the tyre bead is breaked quickly and safely by two opposed and synchronised disks. The center post locking with floating plate (patented), suitable also for reverse rims, offers a self-locking mechanism that reduces the effort of the operator.

The wheel rotation can be controlled as desired by the operator through the inverter motor with speed limiter to protect the tyre from excessive forces (0 – 15 rpm).

Bead Break Force: 12 kN
Rotation Speed: 0 / 15 rpm
Power Inverter Motor: 1.5 kW
Chuck Motor Rating: 1g
Power Supply: 777-230 V 50 – 60 Hz
Phases 1
Fuse Protection: 16
Air Supply: 8 bar
Air Supply Max: 10 bar
Download Technique T2225-M2 Brochure.

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