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Technique T2220-M1 Tyre Changer

The Technique Memory 1 should not be mistaken for any standard tyre changer. This completely lever less tyre changer makes easy work of changing any low profile, run flat or standard tyre. The memory function allows the vertical roller bead breaker and demount head to go back to the same rim position at the push of a pedal. The height adjustable center post clamping system allows for reverse rims to be positioned without any damage to your customers rim. The variable speed motor allows slower speeds for low profile tyres.

  • Memory positioning of demount head and bead breaker.
  • Adjustable height center post clamping.
  • Space saving vertical turret as no tilt back required.
  • Variable speed motor for the tight tyres.
  • Conventional side bead breaker.
  • Vertical roller bead breaker.
  • Integral pneumatic wheel lift.
  • Side assist arm.
Rotation Speed (rev/min): 7,3 6,5/13 (V) 0-16 (D)
Max Torque: 1200 Nm
Recommended Air Supply: 8 / 10 bar
Max Wheel Diameter: 45″ / 1143mm
Max Wheel Width: 381mm (15″)
Max Side Shovel Bead Loosener Opening: 432mm (17″)
Handles Wheels From: 10″ – 26″
Rotation Motor: 1,5 Kw inv.+ 0,75kw motor
Bead Loosener Power (roller): 1200 kg (2645 lbs)
Bead Loosener Power (side shovel): 3600 kg (7900 lbs)
Noise Level: < 80db
Download Technique T2220-M1 Brochure.


Part: Part Number:
Plastic fitting head (Sold in singles) G1000A142K
Pusher cone (Sold in singles) 140820500
Guide unit with roller (Sold in singles) 730093641

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