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Technique T2030-3D Wheel Balancer

The Technique T2030-3D is a Fully automatic 3D Balancer designed to fit into any high volume tyre shop.

Laser pointing accuracy for weight positioning, the Caliper arm and 3D Sonar arm gives quick automatic distance, diameter and rim width measurements.

  • 19″ industrial monitor.
  • Run out measurement.
  • ECO Weight balancing system.
  • Motorised fully automatic wheel balancer.
  • Laser Pointer for accurate weight position.
  • 3D Sonar arm built into the hood for automatic width measurement.
  • Automatic distance and diameter measured from the caliper arm.
  • Double LED lights for the inside of the rim.
  • Quick automatic programme function.
  • Automatic braking for both outside and inside weight position.
  • Additional manual foot brake.
Rim Diameter: 10″ – 26″ Automatic / 10″ – 30″
Rim Width: 1.5″ – 22″
Max Wheel Weight: 70kg
Read-out Accuracy: 1g
Cycle Time: 6 seconds
Rotation Speed (RPM): < 100
Power Supply: 110-230v / 50-60/1ph
Standard Accessories Kit Included: Standard Cones(x4), hand-wheel quick fit nuts, pilers, wheel width caliper and 4WD cone adaptor.
Download Technique T2030-3D Brochure.

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