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Technique T2440-M3 Tyre Changer

The Technique T2440-M3 is equipped with an innovative (patented) leverless head and advanced automatic functions, it lets you work quickly, precisely and without any effort also on UHP and Run-Flat tyres.

The configuration is already complete with all the major accessories, making it particularly suitable for tyre shops and car dealers.

Minimum Clamping Capacity: 10″
Max Clamping Capacity: 30″
Max Rim Width: 15″
Max Wheel Diameter: 1194mm
Bead Breaker Force: 12kN
Rotation Speed: 0 / 15rpm
Fuse Phases: 1
Air Supply: 8 bar
Air Supply Max: 10 bar
Download Technique T2440-M3 Brochure.

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