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Technique T2020-2D Wheel Balancer

The Technique T2020-2D is a low speed balancer with all of the features and benefits of a ‘High end’ machine. The Backlit LCD screen with multifunctional and interactive keys makes it clear and easy for the operator to use.

The compact design means that the T2020-2D takes up very little space in the workshop. The 2D caliper arm automatically stores the distance and diameter measurements and makes it easy to position the weights directly into place.

  • Motorised wheel balancer.
  • Automatic 2D caliper arm rim diameter/distance.
  • Brake Pedal-operated main shaft lock.
  • Low rotation speed.
  • Automatic ALU S programme.
  • Backlit LCD display with multifunctional and interactive keys.
  • Easy start by closing wheel guard or pressing the start key and auto-stop.
  • Brake to keep the wheel in position while fitting the weights.
Rim Diameter: 10″ – 26″ Automatic / 10″ – 30″
Rim Width: 1.5″ – 22″
Max Wheel Weight: 65kg
Read-out Accuracy: 1g
Cycle Time: 6 seconds
Rotation Speed (RPM): < 100
Power Supply: 110-230v / 50-60/1ph
Standard Accessories Kit Included: Standard Cones(x4), hand-wheel quick fit nuts, pilers, wheel width caliper and 4WD cone adaptor.
Download Technique T2020-2D Brochure.

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