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Technique T2210-PRO Tyre Changer

The Technique T2210-PRO Fully automatic 24” tyre changer will meet the highest of demands from any operator.

The side assist arm is supplied with two adaptor arms with an option of an extra roller for lifting the bottom bead.

  • Side bead breaker with adjustment for wider wheels.
  • High turret for up to 15” wide wheels.
  • 10” – 24” turntable clamping.
  • Plastic inserts for rim protection, plastic jaws and bead breaker cover.
  • Single phase motor 3 pin plug.
  • Air supply 8-10 bar 115-145 psi.
Motor: 0,75 Kw – 230/400V (50-60Hz) – 3ph
Chuck Rotation Speed (rev/min): 7,3 rpm / 6,5/13 rpm
Max Torque To Chuck: 1200 Nm (885 FtLbs)
External Clamping: 13″ – 24.5″
Tool Working Span: 8″ – 32″
Max Tyre Diameter: 1050 mm (41″)
Max Rim Width: 318mm (15″)
Bead Breaker Cylinder Power @ 12 bar: 3600kg (8000lbs)
Download Technique T2210-PRO Brochure.


Part: Part Number:
Inserts (Sold in packs of 10) G800A117K
Jaw covers (Sold in packs of 10) G800A98
Bead breaker cover (Sold in packs of 5) G800A11K

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