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Heavy Duty Workshop Extraction

WORKY has developed specific solutions, as well as high-efficiency systems that can meet the most complex of needs for heavy-duty businesses such as:

When working with voluminous vehicles such as these, it is even more important to guarantee a safe environment. For this reason, WORKY has developed products that are even more resistant and performing.

  • Assistance centres for trucks;
  • Workshops for earth-moving machinery;
  • Repair centres for agricultural means;
  • Workshops and hangars for military or airport vehicles.

In addition to dedicated extraction systems and specific adapters, we have created a series of multi-function stations for the distribution of technical fluids and compressed air, optimised to ensure rapidity, cleanliness and efficiency.

The range of services is completed with a fast and effective after-sale service, essential when working in the Professional sector.

Fixed Systems

Underfloor Systems

Sliding Systems

Stand Alone Systems