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Fixed Extraction Systems

All exhaust fume extraction systems that have not been mounted on wheels can be considered to be fixed systems, i.e. systems that require an installation for extracting fumes from the work area and expelling them into the atmosphere. The fumes must always be ejected into the atmosphere because it is not possible to filter the toxic and cancerogenic gases produced by the internal combustion engine.

Fixed exhaust gas extraction systems can be made with hose reels or with minisets (i.e. combinations of fan, hose and nozzle). These products are used to make a galvanized hose that conveys the extracted fumes using a fan built into the system or a centralized fan to extract fumes from different points.

Futhermore the exhaust fume extraction system, we have available full assortment of single components. Our range of accessories includes mouthpieces for the fumes collection, pipelines galvanized that they facilitate the gas extraction resistant to high temperature and crushing. You can also choose muffs, alternatives, deviations and shelves of support for the pipes of fumes extraction.

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