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Mid Rise Scissor Lifts

Rotary XS30 Mid Rise Scissor Lift

The Rotary Low Profile scissor lift specifically covers the requirements in the field of tire and body work services. However, it is also an ideal workplace for maintenance work and work on the vehicle interior in the workshop. A reasonable investment allows the quick set up of an additional universal workspace without foundation work.

  • Flexible adaptation of small and large vehicles through wide overall width and length.
  • Large adjustment range, platform extensions can be locked with one handle.
  • Flat design, drive-on height 105mm.
  • Optional cathodic corrosion protection for platforms and base frames.
  • Double safety due to hydraulic system and 2 torsion shafts for stability and synchronisation.
Model Platform Width Platform Length Overall Width Capacity
XS30N 530mm 1500mm – 2160mm 1980mm 3000kg

Technique T1210 Mid Rise Scissor Lift

For such a small lift, it is packed with some unique features that make the T1210-35 stand out in a crowd. No rigid moving bar between the platforms. The T1210-35 can be recessed in the same tradition as a full height scissor lift. Locking run on ramps allow the platform to be extend fore and aft of the platform area. The hydraulic synchronisation system with automatic levelling function prevents an uneven lifting or lowering of the load. The low collapsed height of the scissor lift means that the lifts can be surface mounted if required.

  • Each platform includes a suspended run-on-ramp capable of being locked into the level position.
  • Platform range is 1460mm up to 2050mm.
  • Scissor platforms and bases incorporate generously sized self-lubricating sliders for reduced wear.
  • Increased size scissor framework for superior stability when lifting vehicles.
  • Hydraulic levelling system with dual master (two cylinders per platform) for total safety without the need for mechanical latches.
  • 40mm rubber lifting blocks as standard.
Model Type Capacity
T1210-35 Surface Mounted / Recessed 3500kg

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