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Scan, Diagnose, Engage, Sell

TreadSpec allows tyre retailers and their customers to easily and quickly understand the wear condition of tyres. It saves time, avoids errors and provides sales opportunities for replacement tyres and wheel alignments.

Five reasons to use TreadSpec

  • Fast – 5 second cycle time.
  • Automated – No manual errors or missed tyres.
  • Accurate – Scans hundreds of points across each tyre.
  • Convenient – Capture 100% of vehicles entering workshop.
  • Transparent – A full TreadSpec report available in seconds.

TreadSpec 2.0 – Automatic Drive Over Tyre Inspection

More reasons to use Treadspec

Of road traffic accidents are caused by vehicles with dangerously worn tyres.

Of vehicles on our roads have at least one tyre which is not in safe.

Of drivers never check the condition of their tyres.

Of drivers are unaware they can be fined for each dangerous tyre found on their vehicle.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Drive over the ramp at normal speed. An additional camera captures the license plate.

Step 2:

Analysis of the laser scan diagnoses tread depths across the entire tyre and the need for a wheel re-alignment.

Step 3:

Share the TreadSpec report, available in seconds, with the customer to agree the purchase of replacement tyres and alignments.

The TreadSpec Report

The fearture rich Cloud based software receives data from the TreadSpec 2.0 device which is connected via the Internet on your local network.

The generated report, which is available within minutes of a test being completed, allows the customer to easily understand the condition of their tyres and includes specific information such as:

  • Vehicle registration number.
  • A traffic light warning for the tread depth.
  • The impact on the vehicle’s stopping distance.
  • Recommendations for tyre replacement and alignment.

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