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ADAS Calibration System

The solution that completley changes the maintenance of ADAS systems

CONNEX Digital ADAS the revolutionary system from Technique, is super simple and easy, making maintenance of ADAS systems accessible to all workshops. With the targetless digital system, no additional panel is required.

  • Patented Targetless technology.
  • Integrated communication with NEXUS 3.0 BUS system via WiFi.
  • Motorized target height adjustment.
  • Adaptive system for automatic compensation of vehicle positioning.
  • Measurement via high precision laser distance meters.
  • Ultralight radar calibration panel.
  • 65” full HD monitor.
  • Integrated control PC, Windows 10.

A Revolution In The Workshop

  • Easy to handle – All operations can be carried out by just 1 operator.
  • Digital – Saves space in the workshop area.
  • WiFi Connected – Ensures systems and calibration procedures are always up to date.
  • Keystone System – For maximum accuracy.
  • Super Quick – Can be aligned and positioned in 5 minutes max.
  • Full HD 4K Monitor – Ensures extreme accuracy under any light condition.

Why choose Connex Digital ADAS?

Easy to use

It is so simple to use that you won’t waste any time trying to learn or just using it, the system will guide you through all the steps of the calibration procedure.

Fully automatic

The calibration frame is adjusted automatically. Any movement of the target, in relataion to the car, is automatic and virtual. The car never moves.

Keystone system

Extreme accuracy guaranteed by the self-adaptive system, allowing software to evaluate environmental and pyshical conditions and adapt the digital target accoringly.

Universal coverage

Ensuring the largest market coverage is important. The database that’s behind the operation of Digital ADAS follows constant development of Connex slef-diagnosis.

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