RMF 110-160


Key Benefits:

High efficiency and time-proven air end
Gear driven for full reliability
Smart Airlogic® controller for flexible and user friendly monitoring
Long lifetime filtration system
Optimized 3-steps oil separation system
Speed regulated (electronic commutation) turbines for improved reliability and lower energy costs (except RME 110).
Designed to perform under demanding working conditions and maintain constant temperature which improves the lifetime.
Low Noise level
Easy and safe access for maintenance

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To help you achieve the highest productivity, Mark has designed a strong range of solutions and services. The RME/RMF range offer you super reliability and performance levels while keeping ease of installation and operation. Mark gives you a flexible choice of compressors, from 110 till 160kW, in different pressure and cooling variants, all gear-box driven, fixed or variable speed. The machine combines all the key features and built-in intelligence to help you reach optimal productivity each day. All the compressors are designed to reach the same target: guarantee the highest uptime, and ensure you long and easy operation with the lowest operation costs.

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