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MSM Maxi 5,5-15 kW


Perfect for smaller and bigger industries, gas stations, wastewater treatment plants, bubbles and much more.

Key Benefits:
• Low-cost servicing
• Outstanding and first class components
• Receiver mounted unit available in 2 sizes: 270L or 500L
• Energy saving because of smaller motor
• Compact Installation
• Small footprint 1,2 M2
• Easy access for maintenance
• High-efficiency air end
• Thermal protection
• Efficient cooling
• Long interval maintenance
• External oil level eye for external oil check
• ES 99 controller adjusts the engine speed to the needed air consumption, reducing energy costs
• Smart condensate discharger, draining only water and no compressed air lost
• Low noise level
• Optional filters and by-pass dryer for perfect filtration

SKU: dmf2.


A small compact and powerful Screw unit giving your workshop maximum air for low energy costs. The MSM MAXI 5.5 – 15Kw range needs no more than 1m2 to provide compressed air on your workspace. The MSM Floor-mounted compressor can be used as an extension of your existing air system or can be placed near to the place of work.  The MSM MAXI Receiver-Mounted (270L and 500L) is a great all-around system, which has a low noise level. 

The MSM Maxi Dryer Version has a low oil content which produces a dry cleaner air for better production, which is perfect for places where compressed air needs a low dew point.  For compressed air demands without oil The MSM Maxi can be equipped with ‘Pre and after’ filters + By-pass and condensate drain.  The MSM Maxi is perfect compact small power range, which is low maintenance, economical and extremely reliable.