MSB 11-30kW

MSB 11-30kW


Compact modern design
Outstanding reliable first class components
Designed for simple handling; three forklift openings
All components are easy accessible to service
Low noise levels
Complete management of the compressor dew to the User friendly ES 3000 controller.
Efficient cooling resulting in lower temperatures, increasing its lifetime
Visible oil level sight glass
Fixed speed resulting in energy savings dew to its intelligent load-unload regulation
Variable speed version IVR adjusting the speed of the motor to require the right amount of air that’s needed resulting in constant pressure as well as maximal saving

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A small compact and powerful Screw unit giving your workshop maximum air for low energy costs.The MSB range, are high class modern compact machines designed for industrial use, they are robust and reliable. As well as been a high performance compressor, the MSB is very efficient even as a fixed speed as the ES 3000 controller’s intelligent shut-down function. Variable speed (IVR) versions working on a constant pressure can save up to 30% of compressor energy costs. The MSB is a low noise compressor to improve the quality and performance in your workspace; it is even simple to handle for access to maintain due to the forklift openings. The MSB 15–30 Hp tank mounted come with dryer as standard to save installation cost down.

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