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MSA 4 – 15kW


High-efficiency compression elements – Economical – Low noise levels

High performance, silent running, simple installation and maintenance, makes the MSA compressor belong to the top class models currently available in the market.

Key benefits:
 Outstanding and High-efficiency components
 Receiver mounted unit available in 2 sizes: 270L or 500L
 Compact and ready to use
 Small footprint starting from (1,2 M2)
 Spaces access to components
 Variable speed version IVR adjusting the speed of the motor to require the right amount of air that’s needed resulting in constant pressure
 Thermal protection
 Efficient cooling
 Low maintenance
 External oil level eye for external oil check
 ES 3000 electronic controller regulator managing control functions resulting energy costs to a low.
 Smart condensate discharger, draining only water and no compressed air lost
 Low noise level
 Silent running
 Optional filters and by-pass dryer for perfect filtration

SKU: dmf3.


A modern designed rotary screw compressor, which has a wide range of variants and capacities of up to 71 cfm. The MSA 4 – 15kW range are high-class modern machines designed for the small workplace which can fulfil equipment up to 71 cfm. The MSA units run on fixed speed or variable speed (IVR), but both are economical. Like the MSM, the MSA floor mounted compressor can be used as an extension of your existing air system, or it is ideal where space is limited or close proximity to where you are working. For compressed air demands without oil The MSA can be equipped with ‘Pre and after’ filters + By-pass and condensate drain.

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