Porsche Belfast

Porsche Belfast

Porsche Belfast

At DMF, we are proud of our work with Porsche Belfast and as opposed to simply telling you how good we really are we thought it would be better to show you.

With a range of workshops across the country already having a broad spectrum of work done, our portfolio has plenty to offer. DMF Wakefield has successfully completed several new dealership developments for similar clients. We were, therefore, the ideal option to tender for the design and installation of their prestigious site in Belfast.

For Porsche, their entire workshop was fully furnished using state-of-the-art DEA worktops. DEA is a well-established Italian company that has a clear focus on creating safe and functional work environments.

At Porsche Belfast, DEA is proud of their worktops being used, saying “we see a lot of our daily approach to create harmonious, modern, functional and performing working environments, always keeping an eye on the well-being of people working there.”

The project presented many technical challenges, partly due to the vehicle lifts being installed and we at DMF are extremely proud of this particular project.

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