MDX 400-84000

MDX 400-84000


Key Benefits:

Compact simple design
Energy savings due to low pressure drops
High reliability achieved
Longer life span to your equipment and air distribution
Noise free using intelligent discharger
Environmental friendly
Simple electrical plug in
Longer life to pneumatic tools
No impact on the ozone layer
Lower maintenance costs thanks to less breakdown

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Atmospheric air which is drawn into the compressor always contains humidity. The amount of humidity depends on the temperature. Humidity is the biggest factor in the compressed air system, when the humidity is cooled it turns to condensate and may cause serious damage to your air distribution system and your equipment, the condensate must be separated in order to archive perfect dry air. The MDX range 400 – 84000 refrigerant dryer removes the condensate discharge dew to their intelligent discharger. The MDX design is very compact and simple to install.

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