Line filters 7-405

Line Filters 7-405


Key Benefits:

The compact designs incorporate a push on fitting to ensure easy installation.
Double O-rings guarantee proper sealing to reduce leakage risks and increase energy savings.
Protection paper prevents a direct interaction between the stainless steel core and the filter media.
Stainless-steel filter cores elevate strength and reduce the risk of implosion.
High filter efficiency, low pressure drops and a guaranteed lifetime performance relative to the improved glass fibre media.
Epoxy sealed caps provide reliable filtration.
Internal ribs assist the route of oil droplets and support the element.
Easy monitoring via sight glass.
A venting hole will give an audible alarm if the filter is dismantled under pressure.

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Allowing unclean or contaminated compressed air to enter your air network holds several risks. In almost all instances, this can cause a considerable decrease in performance as well as an increase in maintenance costs both related to actual repairs as well as a loss in productivity. MARK’s innovative filters are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air quality and meet today’s ever increasing quality demands. All MARK filters are fully developed and tested according to ISO standards.

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