Bluewine PRO Direct Driven


The BLUEWIND PRO range has been designed to offer a direct driven solution to small but heavier duty requirements, while maintaining
a compact design as well as normal operating and service costs.

SKU: dmf16.


The 8 bar models are available in 2 hp and come in 5 different vessel sizes. The 10 bar models have 3 hp and come in two variants. Features • Aluminium block with large fins for improved cooling. • ON/OFF pressure switch • Pressure reducer with filter and direct outlet. • V design block • Carrying handle (6 litres), wheels and pad (10 to 90 litres) • Carrying handle (6 litres), wheels and pad (2 to 11 litres) • 2×11 model has been designed with inflatable wheels and extendible handle to ensure easy transport even outdoor. It includes a protecting frame and an anti slip tray to store tools. Applications Blowing • nailing & stapling • painting • washing • light hammering • impact wrenching

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